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To celebrate the end of WCRM phase 1 and the launch of the new timetable, Virgin trains set a new record for the fastest rail journey between London and Manchester. 390038 'City of London' broke the record twice (once in each direction) achieving a time of 1 hour 53 minutes, 36 seconds on the return run to the capital. The launch was attended by the Prime Minister, Tony Blair MP, Sir Richard Branson, Brian Souter and guests from the media and rail industry.

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FVT01929. Media enclosure. Red revolution. Euston. 20.09.2004.FVT01947. Chris Green & Charles Belcher. Red revolution. Euston. 20.09.2004.FVT01959. Brian Souter & Richard Branson. Red revolution. Euston. 20.09.2004.FVT01993. Alderman Robert Finch. Red revolution. Euston. 20.9.2004.FVT01999. The PM Tony Blair. Red revolution. Euston. 20.09.2004.FVT02015. Celebrations.  Red revolution. Euston. 20.09.2004.FVT02035. Green. Owen and Blair.  Red revolution. Euston. 20.09.2004.FVT02057. On board. Red revolution. 20.09.2004.FVT02061. ITN duo. Red revolution.  20.09.2004.FVT02065. Andy Flowers. Red revolution. 20.09.2004.FVT002085. 390038 at Picc. Red revolution. 20.09.2004.FVT02116. Euston TV. Red revolution. Euston. 20.09.2004.