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Created 15-Sep-12
Modified 18-Jul-20
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I can't remember what this event was billed as, can anyone help?

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DG09690. Shinkansen cab. NRM. York. 17.3.07.DG09674. 91131. NRM. York. 17.3.07.DG09675. Photographer and 57307. NRM. York. 17.3.07.DG09677. Photographers and 57307. NRM. York. 17.3.07.DG09679. Furness Rly No 3. NRM. York. 17.3.07.DG09680. 57307. NRM. York. 17.3.07.DG09689. Shinkansen interior. NRM. York. 17.3.07.DG09725. 37087. NRM. York. 17.3.07.DG09691. LYR signalling school. NRM. York. 17.3.07.DG09693. LYR signalling school. NRM. York. 17.3.07.DG09695. LYR signalling school. NRM. York. 17.3.07.DG09698. LYR signalling school. NRM. York. 17.3.07.DG09699. LYR signalling school. NRM. York. 17.3.07.DG09701. 91131. NRM. York. 17.3.07.DG09707. In the cab of 57307. NRM. York. 17.3.07.DG09728. 47715. NRM. York. 17.3.07.DG09736. Palmerston. NRM. York. 17.3.07.DG09713. 71000. NRM. York. 17.3.07.DG09716. Aveling & Porter engine. NRM. York. 17.3.07.DG09714. Shunter drivers. NRM. York. 17.3.07.