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Created 11-Apr-16
Modified 12-Nov-20
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As construction of High Speed 2 has now begun I thought It would be a good idea to put all my old pictures of the construction of High Speed 1 together in one gallery. I'll add more as they're scanned, but here's the first few to kick off with.

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FRL04377. Lord of all he surveys. Ebbsfleet. 21.6.2005.DG13165. Demolishing Temple Mills depot. 30.10.07.DG13161. Demolishing Temple Mills depot. 30.10.07.DG12334. Ready for opening. CTRL. Ebbsfleet. 11.9.07.DG12333. Ready for opening. CTRL. Ebbsfleet. 11.9.07.DG12332. Ready for opening. CTRL. Ebbsfleet. 11.9.07.DG09335. Eurostar depot. Temple Mills. 28.2.07.DG05253. Eurostar depot. Temple Mills. 3.2.06.DG05251. Eurostar depot. Temple Mills. 3.2.06.DG05250. Eurostar depot. Temple Mills. 3.2.06.DG05248. Eurostar depot. Temple Mills. 3.2.06.DG05247. Eurostar depot. Temple Mills. 3.2.06.DG04691. Building Temple Mills Eurostar depot. 7.10.05.DG04689. Building Temple Mills Eurostar depot. 7.10.05.DG04688. Building Temple Mills Eurostar depot. 7.10.05.DG03306. 14029. Dagenham. 24.4.05.DG03303. CTRL Tunnel. Dagenham. 24.4.05.DG02875. New York Way. Kings Cross. 17.3.05.DG02865. The new York Way. Kings Cross. 17.3.05.DG02455. Demolition of York Way. Kings Cross. 18.1.05

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Nev Arthur(non-registered)
As a driver on HS1 with Eurostar, I found many of your photographs fascinating. I'd never seen most of the construction works, so thank you for making them available.
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