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DG414806. Class 37 bogies on a low loader. Watford Gap. 25.4.2024.DG413645. Rail replacement coach. Huddersfield. 3.4.2024.DG413643. Rail replacement coach. Huddersfield. 3.4.2024.DG412051. Front ends. Liverpool Lime St. 12.3.2024.DG411893. Aintree bus Co No 149. Chester station. 12.3.2024.DG410370. Front ends. Manchester Piccadilly. 19.2.2024.DG403771. 08683. Eastleigh. 29.9.2023.DG403043. Old Locomotive Engineers club. Eastleigh. 27.9.2023.DG403029. 08511. Eastleigh. 27.9.2023.DG401962. Guided bus. Trumpington. Cambridge. 7.9.2023.DG401951. Guided bus. Trumpington. Cambridge. 7.9.2023.DG401940. Electric Guided bus. Trumpington. Cambridge. 7.9.2023.DG401832. Intermodal passes the cathedral. Ely. 7.9.2023.DG401827. Intermodal passes the cathedral. Ely. 7.9.2023.DG401342. Crows finding a meal. Sheffield. 24.8.2023.DG398674. Rail replacement bus. Hebden Bridge. West Yorkshire. 9.7.2023.DG398256. Old coaches. B1145. North Walsham Rd. Banningham. Norfolk. 24.6.2023.DG398159. Sanders services bus. Holt. Norfolk. 20.6.2023.DG392389. Station ducks. Todmorden. 4.4.2023.DG392377. Rail replacement bus to Stalybridge. Manchester Victoria. 4.4.2023.