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R0148. LNG powered bus. Southport. 1995R0172. Traction engine. Devon 31.7.1994R0171. Traction engine. Devon 31.7.1994R0170. Traction engines. Devon 31.7.1994R0169. Bristol LH bus. Devon 31.7.1994R0168. Guy Arab 4. Ex Exeter Transport. Devon 31.7.1994R0167. Traction engine. Devon 31.7.1994R0166. Traction engine. Devon 31.7.1994DG353567. Rail replacement bus. Guide Bridge. 3.8.2021.DG353527. Rail replacement bus. Ashton-Under- Lyne. 3.8.2021.DG353523. Rail replacement bus. Stalybridge. 3.8.2021.DG353129. Pacer at platform 1. Huddersfield. 21.7.2021.DG353124. Felix the cat. Huddersfield. 21.7.2021.DG353049. Railair coach. Guildford. Surrey. 15.7.2021.DG353048. Railair coach. Guildford. Surrey. 15.7.2021.DG348898. Airport rail link on test. Luton Airport Parkway. 15.5.2021.DG348696. 55801. Huddersfield.DG348686. Crane  to lift a Pacer. Huddersfield. 8.5.2021.DG348680. Crane preparing to lift a Pacer. Huddersfield. 8.5.2021.DG348675. Crane preparing to lift a Pacer. Huddersfield. 8.5.2021.