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DG394913. Restored station building.  Mytholmroyd. 24.5.2023.DG394907. View of the platforms. Mytholmroyd. 24.5.2023.DG394897. Restoring a station building. Keighley. 23.5.2023.DG394420. Station building details. Rhyl. 16.5.2023.DG394416. Platform canopy. Rhyl. 16.5.2023.DG394415. Station doors. Rhyl. 16.5.2023.DG394396. Station entrance. Rhyl. 16.5.2023.DG394395. Station building details. Rhyl. 16.5.2023.DG394391. Platform. Abergele and Pensarn. Wales. 16.5.2023.DG394368. Station building. Abergele and Pensarn. 16.5.2023.DG394367. Platforms. Abergele and Pensarn. Wales. 16.5.2023.DG394341. Canopy netting.  Llandudno Junction. 16.5.2023.DG393268. Platforms. Huddersfield. West Yorkshire. 3.5.2023.DG393261. New OLE masts. Stalybridge. 3.5.2023.DG393259. New OLE masts. Stalybridge. 3.5.2023.DG393157. Station waiting room. Castleford. 25.4.2023.DG393116. Station building. Batley. 25.4.2023.DG393115. Station subway. Batley. 25.4.2023.DG393035. Platforms. Cottingley. West Yorkshire. 19.4.2023.DG393034. Platforms. Cottingley. West Yorkshire. 19.4.2023.crop