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Modified 31-Dec-20
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Here's the start of my old Danish gallery..

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FDG1102. Copenhagen metro. Denmark. 17.6.04.FDG1101. 4541. Orestad . Denmark. 17.6.04.FDG1107. Copenhagen metro. Denmark. 17.6.04.FDG1108. DD Driving car. Copenhagen Central. 18.6.04.FDG1109. 1529. Copenhagen Central. 18.6.04.FDG1110. 1511. Copenhagen Central. 18.6.04.FDG1112. SA9121. Copenhagen Central. 18.6.04.FDG1113. Pax. Copenhagen Central. 18.6.04.FDG1114. SA9167. Copenhagen Central. 18.6.04.FDG1115. Copenhagen Central station. 18.6.04.FDG1116. Copenhagen Central station. 18.6.04.FDG1117. Copenhagen Central station. 18.6.04.FDG1118. SA9191. Copenhagen Central. 18.6.04.FDG1119. 1521. 1416. Copenhagen depot. Denmark. 19.6.04FDG1120. 1416. Copenhagen depot. Denmark. 19.6.04FDG1121. 1512. 1521.  Copenhagen depot. Denmark. 19.6.04FDG1122. 271.  Copenhagen depot. Denmark. 19.6.04FDG1123. 1416. 271.  Copenhagen depot. Denmark. 19.6.04FDG1125. 3020. 3109. 3010.  Copenhagen depot. Denmark. 19.6.04FDG1129. EMU. Dybbolsbro. Copenhagen. Denmark. 19.6.04.