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DG395056. Getting the tip. Leeds. 26.5.2023.DG395003. Pax. Manchester Oxford Road. 24.5.2023.DG395001. Pax. Manchester Oxford Road. 24.5.2023.DG394297. Pax. Manchester Piccadilly. 15.5.2023.DG394296. Pax. Manchester Piccadilly. 15.5.2023.DG392993. Pax. Batley. 19.4.2023.DG392991. Pax. Batley. 19.4.2023.DG392941. Pax. Batley. 19.4.2023.DG385598. Cute passenger. St Pancras. 9.12.2022.DG385121. Pax. Chester. 1.12.2022.DG385116. Pax. Kings Cross. 28.11.2022.DG385113. Pax. Kings Cross. 28.11.2022.DG385112. Pax. St Pancras. 28.11.2022.DG385110. Pax. St Pancras. 28.11.2022.DG385103. Pax. Paddington. 28.11.2022.DG385096. Pax. Paddington. 28.11.2022.DG385093. Pax. Paddington. 28.11.2022.DG384604. Pax. Newbury. 25.11.2022.DG384569. Pigeons and Pax. Paddington. 25.11.2022.DG384565. Pax. Paddington. 25.11.2022.