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Created 19-Apr-13
Modified 18-Jul-20
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Here's the resurrection of an old gallery from a press trip courtesy of RailTours Ireland. I'll add more pictures and captions shortly..

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FDG07290. Starting the trip. Euston. 30.6.08.FDG07292. Jim Deegan welcomes people aboard. 30.6.08.FDG07295. Brochure on the train to Holyhead. 30.6.08.FDG07305. Brunch on Virgin trains. 30.6.08.FDG07315. On the ferry to Ireland. 30.6.08.FDG07319. Ferry facilities en-route to Ireland.  30.6.08.FDG07320. Ferry facilities en-route to Ireland.  30.6.08.FDG07321. Welcome to Ireland. 30.6.08.FDG07329. Aboard the DART. Dublin. Ireland. 30.6.08.FDG07350. Musicians. Howth. Ireland. 30.6.08.FDG07366. Jim and guests. Dublin. Ireland.  1.7.08.FDG07371. Greetings. Dublin Heuston. Ireland. 1.7.08.FDG07375. 4008. Dublin Heuston. Ireland. 1.7.08.FDG07377. 4008. Dublin Heuston. Ireland. 1.7.08.FDG07387. Breakfast on the train. Ireland.  1.7.08.FDG07431. Rotem interior. Limerick. Ireland.  1.7.08.FDG07439. Rotem 12. interior. Limerick. Ireland.  1.7.08.FDG07448.Guards room. Bunratty Castle. Ireland. 1.7.08.FDG07458. Great Hall. Bunratty Castle. Ireland. 1.7.08.FDG07463. Arm of the law. Bunratty. Ireland. 1.7.08.