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On the 21st May 2004 the old 'Irish Mail' headboard was dug out again for a trip to Holyhead and back on a Virgin HST. A group of Virgin staff and journalists went along to keep it company. Here's some photos from the day.

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DG00920. 43080. Euston. 21.5.04.DG00921. 43080. Euston. 21.5.04.DG00925. 90048 failed at Nuneaton. 21.5.04.DG00930. Pax. Rhyl. 21.5.04.DG00935. 43080. Holyhead. 21.5.04.DG00932. Leaving Rhyl. 21.5.04.DG00938. 43080. Holyhead. 21.5.04.DG00939. 43080. Holyhead. 21.5.04.DG00947. 43065. Holyhead. 21.5.04.DG00953. 43065. Holyhead. 21.5.04.DG00955. 43065. Holyhead. 21.5.04.DG00956. 43065. Holyhead. 21.5.04.DG00958. Howard Johnston and Dennis Lovett. 21.5.04.DG00961. Hassard Stacpoole. 21.5.04.DG00967. Irish Mail and Conwy Castle. 21.5.04.DG00968. Llandudno Junction. 21.5.04.DG00971. Playing with cameras. 21.5.04DG00972. Rhyl No1 Signalbox. 21.5.04.DG00981. Refreshments. 21.5.04.DG00982. Gavin Morrison. 21.5.04.