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West Midlands trains took over the former London Midland franchise on December 10th 2017. The franchise is expected to run until March 2026.
The franchise runs under two separate brands with their own liveries. The Inter-city services out of Euston run as London NorthWestern Railway (LN) whilst the services radiating from Birmingham run as West Midlands Railway (WM).

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DG384384. 730001. 730010. Euston. 22.11.2022.DG383694. 172002. 172007. Leamington Spa. 27.10.2022.DG371405. 350241. Bushey. 24.5.2022.DG368712. 730005. 730006. Stafford. 22.3.2022.DG368704. 730005. 730006. Stafford. 22.3.2022.DG368702. 730006. Crewe. 22.3.2022.DG368701. 730006. Crewe. 22.3.2022.DG368700. 730005. 730006. Crewe. 22.3.2022.DG357030. 350258. Crewe. 9.9.2021.DG356834. 350261. Birmingham New St. 9.9.2021DG352343. 350235. Birmingham New St. 24.6.2021.DG352340. 350235. Birmingham New St. 24.6.2021.DG352337. 350246. Birmingham New St. 24.6.2021.DG352335. 350246. Birmingham New St. 24.6.2021.DG352334. 350233. Birmingham New St. 24.6.2021.DG351951. 323201. Birmingham New St. 17.6.2021.DG351949. 323211. Birmingham New St. 17.6.2021.DG351947. 323211. Birmingham New St. 17.6.2021.DG351938. 323241. Birmingham New St. 17.6.2021.DG351937. 350242. 350240. Birmingham New St. 17.6.2021.