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Created 8-Sep-13
Modified 18-Jul-20
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Here's a gallery dedicated to the new Caledonian sleeper franchise. This was taken over by Serco on the 31st March 2015

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DG323876. 92010. Glasgow Central. 28.5.19.DG323881. 15310. Glasgow Central. 28.5.19.DG324193. 92014. Glasgow Central. 30.5.19.DG323879. 15005. Glasgow Central. 28.5.19.DG324195. 92018. Glasgow Central. 30.5.19.DG308128. Caledonian sleeper information scree . Kirkaldy. Scotland. 9.9.18DG308200. 73966. Edinburgh Waverley. Scotland. 9.9.18DG304304. 92023. Edinburgh. 31.7.18DG298914. 90047. Crewe. 14.6.18DG298922. Caledonian sleeper. Crewe. 14.6.18DG298909. Caledonian sleeper. Crewe. 14.6.18DG285276. 92018. Edinburgh Waverley. 22.10.17DG275862. 92033. 334014. Edinburgh Waverley. 3.7.17DG275864. 92033. Edinburgh Waverley. 3.7.17DG275870. 92033. Edinburgh Waverley. 3.7.17DG249591. 86101. Euston. 8.8.16DG208428. The ghost of First Scotrail. Scottish sleeper. Euston. 31.3.15DG208420. SERCO Scottish sleeper. Euston. 31.3.15DG208423. SERCO Scottish sleeper. Euston. 31.3.15DG208417. 87002. Euston. 31.3.15