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DG368808.  Buffer stops. Wigan North Western. 15.4.2022.DG368498. ASDO beacon. Orpington. 17.3.2022.DG368467. Crossovers. Lewisham. 17.3.2022.DG368465. Crossovers. Lewisham. 17.3.2022.DG368293. 377307. Sutton West Junction. 16.3.2022.DG368197. Chains measurement. London Bridge. 16.3.2022.DG368192. Crossovers. London Bridge. 16.3.2022.DG365791. Macbeth spikes. Leamington Spa. 16.2.2022.DG365520. Macbeth spikes. Leamington Spa. 15.2.2022.DG365446. Overhead conductor rail junction. St Pancras Thameslink 27.1.2022.DG365417. Builders plate. Waterloo East. 27.1.2022.DG365366. Trackwork. London Victoria. 27.1.2022.DG364917. New trackwork. Leeds. 24.1.2022.DG364908. New trackwork. Leeds. 24.1.2022.DG364814. Mind the gap. Dinting. 20.1.2022.DG364771. The viaduct. Dinting. 20.1.2022.DG364647. Former 4-tracking. Deighton. 13.1.2022.DG364644. Former 4-tracking. Deighton. 13.1.2022.DG364589. Station throat. Leeds. 11.1.2022.DG364584. Platform extension and relaid track. Leeds. 11.1.2022.