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Created 12-Apr-11
Modified 14-May-22
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Here's a gallery dedicated to railway signalling and signalboxes. I'm currently scanning a lot of old slides going back as far as 1989 and many of the boxes you'll see here no longer exist. At the moment the most recent scans show up first. Once the process is finished I'll alter the gallery order.

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DG370342. New Vortok AWS magnet. Wandsworth Common. 6.5.2022.DG368729. New signal head. Crewe. 22.3.2022.DG367286. Preserved signalbox. Lowdham. 7.3.2022.DG367290. Preserved signalbox. Lowdham. 7.3.2022.DG364910. New signals. Leeds. 24.1.2022.DG364459. CCTV screens. Sutton. 8.1.2022.DG363517. Old signalbox. Southampton Central. 9.12.2021.DG360693. Signalbox. Arnside. 4.11.2021.DG359111. Signalbox. Rye. 19.10.2021.DG358770. Marsh Brook signalbox. 4.10.2021.DG358742. Onibury crossing signalbox. Shropshire. 4.10.2021.DG358755. Track renewals. Craven Arms. 4.10.2021.DG358753. Craven Arms crossing. 4.10.2021.DG358766. Marsh Brook signalbox. 4.10.2021.DG358767. Marsh Brook signalbox. 4.10.2021.DG358768. Marsh Brook signalbox. 4.10.2021.DG354355. Signal mix of old and new. Sheffield. 19.8.2021.DG353891. Signalbox. Haydon Bridge. 12.8.2021.DG353890. Signalbox. Haydon Bridge. 12.8.2021.DG353884. Signalbox. Haydon Bridge. 12.8.2021.