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On 10th June 2005 Virgin Trains ran their last Class 87 hauled passenger train. 87010 'Driver Tommy Farr' and 87002 were used on the 09.38 Euston - Manchester Piccadilly. (002 was dit as far as Stockport).

Here's a selection of pictures from that final trip and at Longsight depot afterwards

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FVT03774. Pete Waterman. Euston. 10.6.2005.FVT03778. 87010. 87002. Euston. 10.6.2005.FVT03783. 82101. Euston. 10.6.2005.FVT03788.Tommy on the cushions. 10.6.2005.FVT03793. Guests. 10.6.20005.FVT03799. Guests. 10.6.2005.FVT03806. 87010. 87002. Crewe. 10.6.2005.FVT03812. Driver Fred Clarke. Manchester Piccadilly. 10.6.2005.FVT03822. 87010. 87002. Manchester Piccadilly. 10.6.2005.FVT03829. 87010. 87002. Manchester Piccadilly. 10.6.2005.FVT03839. Pete Waterman. Manchester Piccadilly. 10.6.2005.FVT03856. 87010. 87002. Longsight. 10.6.2005.FVT03865. 87010. 87002. Longsight. 10.6.2005.FVT03875. 10212. Longsight. 10.6.2005.FVT03877. 11048.  Longsight. 10.6.2005.FVT03882. 82101. Longsight. 10.6.2005.FVT03885. Jon Veitch. Longsight. 10.6.2005.FVT03887. 87010. 87002. Longsight. 10.6.2005.