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Created 29-Sep-19
Modified 18-Jul-20
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Here's a blast from the past that I've only just realised never made it onto this website after the demise of my old Fotopic one.

Because of that, it's proved difficult to caption some of the pictures as the actual locations are lost in the mists of time, despite me still having the original tour programme. I'm hoping that I'll be able to identify them all soon, but if anyone can help, I'd be grateful. I must admit I rather miss these adventures. I used to attend with old friends from Pathfinder Tours, some of whom you'll see in the pictures. How times fly, this is now 13 years ago. A big thank you to Anthony Roberts for posting one of his Class 62 pictures on Twitter and jogging my memory for me.

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FDG3844. The gang. De Brouwzaele. Ghent. Belgium. 3.11.06.FDG3846. The gang. De Brouwzaele. Ghent. Belgium. 3.11.06.FDG3852. Owner third from left and staff at De Brouwzaele. Ghent. Belgium. 3.11.06.FDG3855. De Brouwzaele. Ghent. Belgium. 3.11.06.FDG3857FDG3858FDG3859FDG3863. Sunrise. Ghent St Pieters. Belgium. 4.11.06.FDG3864. 204 626-6. 204 366-9. Terneuzen. Holland. 4.11.06.FDG3865. 204 626-6. 204 366-9. Terneuzen Zuid. Holland. 4.11.06.FDG3870. 204 626-6. Terneuzen Zuid. Holland. 4.11.06.FDG3871. 204 626-6. Terneuzen Zuid. Holland. 4.11.06.FDG3872. 6250. Terneuzen Zuid. Holland. 4.11.06.FDG3873. 204 366-9. 204 626-6. Terneuzen Zuid. Holland. 4.11.06.FDG3874. Worksplates.  204 366-9. Terneuzen Zuid. Holland. 4.11.06.FDG3875. Steel coil carrier. Terneuzen Zuid. Holland. 4.11.06.FDG3877. 204 616-7. 204 626-6. Terneuzen. Holland. 4.11.06.FDG3878. 204 626-6. Terneuzen. Holland. 4.11.06.FDG3881. 204 366-9. 204 616-6. Terneuzen. Holland. 4.11.06.FDG3882. 204 366-9. 204 616-6. 204 626-6. Terneuzen. Holland. 4.11.06.