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DG68181. 165027. Harrow on the Hill. 7.7.11.DG366016. 168218. Marylebone. 16.2.2022.DG365794. 165028. 2L30. 0934 Birmingham Moor Street to Leamington Spa. Leamington Spa. 16.2.2022.DG365780. 165024. 2D14. 0941 Leamington Spa to Stratford-upon-Avon. Leamington Spa. 16.2.2022.DG365528. 168218. 168323. Leamington Spa. 15.2.2022.DG365516. 168005. 1H28. 0912 Birmingham Snow Hill to London Marylebone. Birmingham Moor St. 15.2.2022.DG354651. 165022. West Ruislip. 31.8.2021.DG354650. 165022. West Ruislip. 31.8.2021.DG354643. 165008. West Ruislip. 31.8.2021.DG354640. 165022. 165026. West Ruislip. 31.8.2021.DG354639. 165026. West Ruislip. 31.8.2021.DG354638. 165022. West Ruislip. 31.8.2021.DG354637. 165022. West Ruislip. 31.8.2021.DG354632. 165022. HS2 construction site. West Ruislip. 31.8.2021.DG354630. 165022. HS2 construction site. West Ruislip. 31.8.2021.DG354621. 165018. HS2 construction site. West Ruislip. 31.8.2021.DG354618. 168003. HS2 construction site. West Ruislip. 31.8.2021.DG354614. 168106. HS2 construction site. West Ruislip. 31.8.2021.DG352903. 165006. Marylebone. 13.7.2021.DG352902. 168001. Marylebone. 13.7.2021.