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Here's the beginnings of a look at Indian railways in the days before the demise of steam.

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TR6607. Porter and train. Darjeeling. India.  April 1998.T09660. Snack & tea stall. Wankaner Jn. Gujarat. India. 19.2.2000.T09873. Reservation chart. Ahmedabad. India. 21.2.00.T09854. Rubbish-strewn tracks, Ahmedabad. 21.2.00.T9834. Cooking Poori's. Ahmedabad. Gujarat. India. 21.2.00.T09830. Washing the platform. Ahmedabad. Gujarat. India. Feb 2000.T09657. Cutting rail with handsaw. Rajkot. Gujarat. India. 19.2.00.T06691. Station sign. Puri. Orissa. India. Feb 1998.T06689. Sunrise on the train to Puri. Orissa. India. February 1998.T06679. Concourse. madras Central. TN. India. Feb 1998.T06674. Evening sunlight. Madras Egmore. Feb 1998.T06665. Sisters cooking. Madras Egmore. TN. India. 2.98.T6665. Madras Egmore railway station. TN. India. Feb 1998.T06563. Pilgrims. Trichy. TN. India. 1998.T6309. Time for a shower. Ernakulam Jn. Kerala. India. 1997.T05900. Protest. Maddur. Karnataka. India. Jan 1994.T04400. Watching the world go by. Gujarat. India. 1994.T03098. YDM 6448. Mysore. Karnataka. India. December 1991.T03086. Train meals. Indian style. S India. Feb 1992.T03085. Vasco-Bangalore train banked by steam engine 30154. Dudhsagar. Goa. India. December 1991.