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TD24891. St Julian Du Puy. Tarn. France. 12.6.09TD24914. Traditional look. Albi. France. 13.6.09.TD24923. Cathédrale Sainte-Cécile d'Albi. France. 13.6.09.TD24925. Castle or Catherdral. Albi. France. 13.6.09.TD24928. Cathedral. Albi. France. 13.6.09.TD24931. Detail. Cathedral interior. Albi. France. 13.6.09.TD24932. Interior. Cathedral. Albi. France. 13.6.09.TD24938. Interior. Cathedral. Albi. France. 13.6.09.TD24942. Interior. Cathedral. Albi. France. 13.6.09.TD24945. Interior. Cathedral. Albi. France. 13.6.09.TD24958. Cathedral screen. Albi. France. 13.6.09.TD24969. River and gardens. Albi. France. 13.6.09.TD24972. Albi. France. 13.6.09.TD24976. River and gardens. Albi. France. 13.6.09.TD24979. No comment. Albi. France . 13.6.09.TD24984. French and Catalan signs. Albi. France.TD25003. Hmmm. Albi. France. 13.6.09.TD25054. Hard life. France. 13.6.09.TD25110. Toys for the boys. France. 14.6.09.TD25135. Firing a Uzi. France. 14.6.09