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Pictures featuring the TOC and its passengers. FCC operated between 1st April 2006 to the 14th September 2014.

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RG08123. 319215. Crystal Palace. 21.9.2006.FCC city backdrop. Blackfriars. 1.12.08. DG15097DG192770. FCC is history. Blackfriars. 10.9.14.DG188470. 319425. Blackfriars. 4.8.14.DG188194. 317339. Kings Cross. 25.7.14.DG186342. 365536. Welwyn Garden City. 14.7.14.DG186336. 365516. Welwyn Garden City. 14.7.14.DG186335. 313041. Welwyn Garden City. 14.7.14.DG186330. 321401. 365522. Welwyn Garden City. 14.7.14.DG186329. 321401.Welwyn Garden City. 14.7.14.DG186327.  365522. Welwyn Garden City. 14.7.14.DG186323. 365511. Welwyn Garden City. 14.7.14.DG186321. 313042. Welwyn Garden City. 14.7.14.DG186319. 365525. Welwyn Garden City. 14.7.14.DG186317. 365525. Welwyn Garden City. 14.7.14.DG186313. 365536. Welwyn Garden City. 14.7.14.DG186308. 313054. Welwyn Garden City. 14.7.14.DG184859. 319371. Bedford. 3.7.14.DG184858. 319425. Bedford. 3.7.14.DG184856. 377517. Bedford. 3.7.14.