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We come in various tribes, shapes and sizes...

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DG358366. Enthusiast taking a picture. Doncaster. 21.9.2021.DG279365. Enthusiasts. Doncaster. 17.8.17DG192953. Enthusiasts. Doncaster. 11.9.14.DG192954. Enthusiasts. Doncaster. 11.9.14.DG20781. FMi meet. Didcot. 26.3.09.DG30703. Getting the shot. Par. 12.8.09.DG26987. Snappers and 66527. Doncaster. 1.7.09.DG21581. Enthusiasts. Manchester Piccadilly. 28.4.09.DG13865. FMi Xmas meet. Willesden Jn. 18.12.07.DG21576. Enthusiasts. Manchester Piccadilly. 28.4.09.DG20677, Enthusiasts at the last FCC service. Moorgate. 20.3.09.DG18132. The gang. FMi meet. Didcot. 29.7.08.DG18131. FMi meet. Didcot. 29.7.08.DG18124. The Colonel. FMi meet. Didcot. 29.7.08.DG18022. Enthusiast. Preston. 27.7.08.TS0025. Weighing up the shot. BTM. 29.6.91.TS0080. Sibling rivalry. Stratford. 1.6.90.TS0077. No problem. OOC. 5.8.00.TS0059. Generations. Doncaster. 1994.TS0030. Stylish. paddington. 28.7.91.