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DG368725. DR73109. Crewe. 22.3.2022.DG368718. DR73109. Crewe. 22.3.2022.DG366388. Elmec RRV. Haywards Heath. 25.2.2022.DG366386. Quattro RRV. Haywards Heath. 25.2.2022.DG366387. Elmec RRV. Haywards Heath. 25.2.2022.DG366385. Quattro RRV. Haywards Heath. 25.2.2022.DG366384. Quattro RRV. Haywards Heath. 25.2.2022.DG366389. Elmec RRV. Haywards Heath. 25.2.2022.DG364327. OTP Wandsworth Common. 30.12.2021.DG364323. OTP Wandsworth Common. 30.12.2021.DG358493. Total Rail RRV's Grimsby. 21.9.202108964. Relaying track inside the station. Paddington. 17.02.01DG346025. RRV. Todmorden. Finishing ballasting at the new depot. Temple Mills TMD. 06.11.200109847. Finishing ballasting at the new depot. Temple Mills TMD. 06.11.2001DG338327. DR98216. Clapham Junction. 21.12.19.DG338326. DR98216. Clapham Junction. RRV digger. South Kenton. 07.09.200211003. DRC78232. South Kenton. 07.09.200211006. DRP 78214. North Wembley. 07.09.2002