Paul Bigland Photography | Ray (Matey) Towell, RIP

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Very sad to hear of the passing of Ray Towell, a man who had railways in his blood. He was a raconteur, drinking companion & friend to many.
I'd only just disbanded the gallery of his 2011 leaving do from the NRM, so I've brought it back - along with a few other pictures of "matey" from over the years...

RIP Ray...

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DG13355.  Ray Towell. Barrow Hill. 11.11.07.DG15043. Ray Towell. Barrow Hill social evening. 14.7.2007.DG15048. Ray Towell. Barrow Hill social evening. 14.7.2007DG15733. Ray Towell. Royal Scot launch. Euston. 11.4.08.DG78949. The brothers. York. 22.4.11.DG78970. Presentation. York. 22.4.11.DG78986. Kososvo memories. York. 22.4.11.DG78991. Ray and friends. York. 22.4.11.DG108750. Ray and TOC MDs. Fab 4 Event. Barrow Hill. 12.4.12.