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This weekend sees the rerunning of the famous British Military train. Here's a few pictures from the first day..

If you want to learn more about the train, copy this link:

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DG110536. Kitten and the band. Charlottenburg. Berlin. 12.5.12.DG110618. Interviewing Maj John Poyntz. Charlottenburg. Berlin. Germany . 12.5.12.DG110630. 231 012. Charlottenburg. Berlin. Germany . 12.5.12.DG110634. Morning coffee. BMT. 12.5.12.DG110642. Morning coffee. BMT. 12.5.12.DG110645. Porage for breakfast. BMT. 12.5.12.DG110662. Serving breakfast on the BMT. 12.5.12.DG110668. Serving breakfast on the BMT. 12.5.12.DG110683. Breakfast. Berliner. 12.5.12.DG110694. Maj Poyntz talks to the media on the BMT. 12.5.12.DG110702. Serving breakfast on the BMT. 12.5.12.DG110707. Eating breakfast on the BMT. 12.5.12.DG110712. Eating breakfast on the BMT. 12.5.12.DG110720. The nameplate on 03 1010.DG110723. 031010 at the old border. 12.5.12.DG110727. Kitten Von Mew. 12.5.12.DG110557. Pipers on parade. Helmstedt. Germany. 12.5.2.DG110739. Parading. Helmstedt. Germany. 12.5.12.DG110758. Parading. Helmstedt. Germany. 12.5.12.DG110767. Marching in Helmstedt. 12.5.12.

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Brian Seddon, Aka Basildon Bond, agent 007 & three quarters(non-registered)
I conveyed secret documents on the Sunday Berliner having been sent on a mission by "M" into East Berlin in 1972. I was to get the low down on a KGB Honey Trap Agent, one Hildegard Titzenboom code name 'Annabel' . having successfully secured photographic evidence I got involved in a SMERSH party,. It was only when the vodka ran out in 2012 that I felt it was time to return to London & report.
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