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In April 2005 Virgin Trains driver Tommy Farr retired after 49 years on the railways. Tommy started his career as an engine cleaner at Camden in 1956 and has driven steam, diesel and electric locomotives, including BR's APT, and finally Virgin Pendolinos. Probably his most famous exploit (and certainly his proudest moment) was driving Pendolino 390038 on the record-breaking run from Euston - Manchester and back on 20th September 2004. Tommy's last service train was the 12.45 Piccadilly – Euston on the 20th April 2005 worked by set 390039. On arrival back at Euston his colleagues had a surprise for him. He was booked to work 87010 light engine to Willesden TMD - only to find that it had been renamed in his honour. Here’s a selection of pictures I took of that day. Thanks go to Virgin Trains for allowing me to use the pictures here

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DG03424. 87010. Driver Tommy Farr. Euston. 20.4.2005.DG03307. Tommy driving 390039 on 1A56. 20.04.2005.DG03313.  Tommy at the controls. 20.04.2005.DG03310. Kilsby tunnel. 20.4.2005.DG03340. Tommy Farr driving 390039. 20.4.2005.DG03371. Tommy passing WN. 20.04.2005.DG03375. Hiding the nameplate. Euston. 20.4.2005.DG03377. Seeing the nameplate. Euston. 20.4.2005.DG03381. Tommy and his engine. Euston. 20.4.2005.DG03395. Tommy and Jon Veitch. Euston. 20.4.2005.DG03401. Tommy and his engine. Euston. 20.4.2005.