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Here's a gallery of pictures from various Siemens train launches and events going back many years.

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DG06634. Hopwood and Twigg. 27.6.06.DG06636. 350127. Kings Heath. 27.6.06.DG06638. Guests. Kings Heath. 27.6.06.DG06642. Steve White.  Kings Heath. 27.6.06.DG06644. Peter Rigby. Kings Heath. 27.6.06.DG06647. Alan Wood. Kings Heath. 27.6.06.DG06648. Roth and Twigg. Kings Heath. 27.6.06.DG06651. 350127. Kings Heath. 27.6.06.DG06652. 350127. Kings Heath. 27.6.06.DG06655. Storage. Kings Heath. 27.6.06.DG06657. Kings Heath depot. 27.6.06.DG06658. Kings Heath depot. 27.6.06.DG06659. Kings Heath depot. 27.6.06.DG06661. Kings Heath depot. 27.6.06.DG06662. Kings Heath depot. 27.6.06.DG06664. Kings Heath depot. 27.6.06.DG06665. 350127. Kings Heath depot. 27.6.06.DG06667. Kings Heath depot. 27.6.06.DG06669. Kings Heath depot. 27.6.06.DG06675. Kings Heath depot. 27.6.06.