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The Transport Minister, Derek Twigg MP opened the new maintenance depot at Kings Heath, Northampton on 27th June. As well as being the principal servicing facility for the 30-strong West Coast Desiro fleet, the £31 million depot will be the new UK headquarters for Siemens Rolling Stock Maintenance. The site is state of the art and is probably the most environmentally friendly in the UK. The main buildings are climate-controlled, whilst the train wash is capable of recycling 75% of the water it uses. The depot is also fitted with modern toilet cleaning and discharging facilities, workshop area plus a double headed wheel lathe and a bogie drop. The wheel lathe halves the length of time taken to turn wheelsets, allowing a complete unit to be dealt with in one shift. Built on abandoned railway land previously used as sidings, the depot has created more than 100 extra jobs in the town.

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