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Created 15-May-11
Modified 18-Jul-20
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Grand Central named HST power car 43484 'Peter Fox 1942 - 2011' at Sheffields platform 5 today.

The ceremony was performed by Peter's widow Doreen.

Afterwards guests were taken on a trip to Derby via Toton (and back).

Here's some pictures from the event.

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DG81329. 43434. Sheffield. 15.5.11.DG81390. Doreen and nameplate. Sheffield. 15.5.11.DG81409. Doreen and Tom. Sheffield. 15.5.11.DG81440. Peter Fox nameplate. 43434. Sheffield. 15.5.11.DG81453. GC staff and nameplate. Sheffield. 15.5.11.DG81471. On the Peter Fox special. 15.5.11.DG81479. Peters family onboard. 15.5.11.DG81489. Onboard. 15.5.11.DG81490. Free lunch. 15.5.11DG81549. 43423. Derby. 15.5.11.DG81552. 43423. Derby. 15.5.11.DG81563. 43484. Derby. 15.5.11.DG81582. 43423. Derby. 15.5.11.DG81604. Welcome aboard. Sheffield. 15.5.11.DG81639. 43484. Sheffield. 15.5.11.