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Modified 18-Jul-20
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A gallery dedicated to all those TOCs and companies which are no longer with us...

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DG00242. Front ends. Liverpool St. 20.3.04.DG00243. 360121. 47714. 86230. 315851. Liverpool St. 20.3.04.DG00934. 175102. Bangor. 21.5.04.DG00957. 175112. Holyhead. 21.5.04.DG01374. Passengers. Kings Cross. 1.7.04.DG01391. Derailed wagons. Willesden Jn. 13.7.04.DG01395. Derailed wagons. Willesden Jn. 13.7.04.DG01569. 159013. 158852. Exeter St Davids. 11.8.04.DG01571. 159013. 158842. Exeter St Davids. 11.8.04.DG01572. 158842. Exeter St Davids. 11.8.04.DG01673. 313109. 319007. Kensington Olympia.DG01750. 47826. Crewe. 24.8.04DG01755. 47816. Crewe. 24.8.04.DG01759. 47851 approaches Colwyn Bay. 25.8.04.DG01760. 47851 approaches Colwyn Bay. 25.8.04.DG01765. 47851 approaches Chester. 25.8.04.DG01767. 47851. Plates. 25.8.04.DG01768. 47851. Plates. Crewe. 25.8.04.DG01825. 37109. Hampstead Heath. 2.9.04.DG01827. 960201. Hampstead Heath. 2.9.04.