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Created 1-May-12
Modified 18-Jul-20
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Here's the first few pictures from Infrarail 2012, plus a few from the Intermodal exhibition next door at the NRC.

More to follow.

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DG109904. Teresa Villiers MP. Infrarail. 1.5.12.DG109942. Tata silent track. Infrarail. 1.5.12.DG109944. Tata silent track. Infrarail. 1.5.12.DG109947. TRE signalling training.  Infrarail. 1.5.12.DG109974. Bodyguard workwear. Infrarail. 1.5.12.DG109980. Survey trolley. Infrarail. 1.5.12.DG109999. Villiers addresses Infrarail. 1.5.12.DG110018. Villiers at Infrarail. 1.5.12.DG110045. Doing business. Windhoff. Infrarail. 1.5.12.DG110050. Crane tamper. Infrarail. 1.5.12.DG110073. 66709. Intermodal. 1.5.12.DG110074. Livery detail. 66709. Intermodal. 1.5.12.DG110080. On track display. Infrarail. 1.5.12.DG110089. Training seminar. Infrarail. 1.5.12.DG110094. Training session. Infrarail. 1.5.12.DG110098. Covtec covert cameras. Infrarail. 1.5.12.DG110103. LED baton. Infrarail. 1.5.12.DG110106. New signage. Infrarail. 1.5.12.DG110125. Networking. Infrarail.  1.5.12.DG110263. Husqvarna rail cutter. Infrarail 2012. 2.5.12.