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Malaysia is currently transforming its rail network from a mostly colonial-era, single track railway to a modern, double-track, electrified system. It's a massive project. There's also investment in new trains and services - especially around Kuala Lumpur.

Here's a selection of pictures reflecting the changes...

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DG99794. 4555. runs round. Thailand. 18.12.11.DG99797. 4129. Failed on the international train.Thailand. 18.12.11.DG99803. 4129 left behind. Thailand. 18.12.11DG99806. Extension work. Padang Besar. Malaysia. 18.12.11.DG99808. Extension work. Padand Besar. Malaysia. 18.12.11.DG99810. Rebuilding work. Padang Besar. Malaysia. 18.12.11.DG99817. Rebuilding work. Padang Besar. Malaysia. 18.12.11.DG99821. Container depot.  Padang Besar. Malaysia. 18.12.11.DG99827. 26115. Padang Besar. Malaysia. 18.12.11.DG99830. 26115. Padang Besar. Malaysia.  18.12.11.DG99835. 26115. Padang Besar. Malaysia. 18.12.11.DG99837. Platform extension work. Padang Besar. Malaysia. 18.12.11.DG99841. 6633. Padang Besar. Malaysia. 18.12.11.DG99842. 6633. Padang Besar. Malaysia. 18.12.11.DG99845. 6633. Padang Besar. Malaysia. 18.12.11.DG99924. 221124. Butterworth. 20.12.11.DG99928. New railway. Simpang Ampat. Malaysia. 20.12.11.DG99947. Semaphore signal. Simpang Ampat.  Malaysia. 20.12.11.DG99951. Old and new. S of Simpang Ampat.  Malaysia. 20.12.11.DG99958. Building the trackbed near Nibong Tebal. Malaysia. 20.12.11