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In April 2010 a group of us travelled by rail from London to Germany via Belgium & Luxembourg to enjoy the Plandampf event based around Trier. Here's the first few resurrected pictures...

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DG47697. Pax.  St Pancras International. 1.4.10.DG47707. On the Eurostar. 1.4.10.DG47713. 3202 & 3018. Brussels Midi. Belgium. 1.4.10.DG47719. 3202 & 3018. Brussels Midi. Belgium. 1.4.10.DG47727. Namur station concourse. Belgium.1.4.10.DG47729. The frontage of Namur station. Belgium. 1.4.10.DG47741. Namur station. Belgium. 1.4.10.DG47744. Namur station concourse. Belgium. 1.4.10.DG47753.  The top deck of a CFL DD service to Luxembourg.Belgium. 1.4.10.DG47781. Concourse at Luxembour Central station. Luxembourg. 1.4.10.DG47788. Concourse at Luxembour Central station. Luxembourg. 1.4.10.DG47795. The war memorial in Luxembourg station. Luxembourg. 1.4.10.DG47841. The driver of a CFL service from Luxembourg to Trier reflected in his mirror. Germany. 1.4.10.DG47847. Crew change at Trier. Germany. 1.4.10.DG47860. 01 1066. Trier. Germany. 2.4.10.DG47868. Preserved post wagon. Trier. Germany. 1.4.10.DG47882. 01 1066. Cochem. Germany. 2.4.10.DG47891. Cochem station. Germany. 2.4.10.DG47892. Concourse at Cochem station. Germany. 2.4.10.DG47896. 628 455. Trier. Germany 2.4.10