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Created 29-Feb-12
Modified 18-Jul-20
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I'm back in Thailand so here's the latest 2012 gallery...

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DG105669. Hua Hin station. Thailand. 29.2.12.DG105678. Rice soup for breakfast. Thailand. 29.2.12.DG105683. Kitchen and dining car. Thailand. 29.2.12.DG105685. North of Hua Hin. Thailand. 29.2.12.DG105688. South of Bo Takhro. Thailand. 29.2.12.DG105690. 2526. Bo Takhro. Thailand. 29.2.12.DG105693. Beer on the train. Thailand. 29.2.12.DG105705. Hawker on the train. Thailand. 29.2.12.DG105707. Nakon Pathom. Thailand. 29.2.12.DG105721. New viaduct segments.  Ban Chim Pli. Thailand. 29.2.12.DG105730. New bridge. Ban Chim Pli. Thailand. 29.2.12.DG105738. Taling Chan station. Bangkok. Thailand. 29.2.12.DG105739. Taling Chan station. Bangkok. Thailand. 29.2.12.DG105745. Rail store for Rd line. Bangkok. Thailand.DG105755. Bridge variety. Bangkok. Thailand. 29.2.12.DG105760. Red line under construction. Bangkok. Thailand. 29.2.12.DG105767. New red line elevated section begins. Bangkok. Thailand. 29.2.12.DG105776. Chao Praya river bridge. Bangkok. Thailand. 29.2.12.DG105781. New flyover. Bang Sue. Bangkok. Thailand. 29.2.12.DG105788. New flyover. Bang Sue. Bangkok. Thailand. 29.2.12.