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Created 26-Dec-11
Modified 18-Jul-20
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Here's the the start of a travel pix section for the end of 2011 - beginning of 2012.

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DG100161. Barong head. Candidasa. Bali. 25.12.11.DG100171. Making offerings. Candidasa. Bali. 25.12.11.DG100177. Enjoying the pool. Candidasa. Bali. 25.12.11.DG100183. Fish soup Sir. Candidasa. Bali. 25.12.11.DG100191. Kitchen staff and the buffet. Candidasa. Bali. 25.12.11.DG100199. Xmas barbecue. Candidasa. bali. 25.12.11.DG100205. Waitress. Candidasa. Bali. 25.12.11.DG100211. Restaurant opening, Candidasa. Bali. 25.12.11.DG100228. Balinese Gado Gado. Ubud. Bali. 29.12.11.DG100233. This one Ubud market. Bali. 29.12.11.DG100242. Instructions. Ubud. Bali. 29.12.11.DG100249. A  question of balance. Ubud. Bali. 29.12.11.DG100252. Padang food takeaway. Ubud. Bali. 29.12.11.DG100271. Mobile cake shop. Bali. Indonesia. 30.12.11.DG100288. Band. Bali scooter rally. Ubud. 30.12.11.DG100310. Participants. Bali scooter rally. Ubud. 30.12.11.DG100320. Bali scooter rally. Ubud. 30.12.11.DG100321. Bali scooter rally. Ubud. 30.12.11.DG100340. Balinese Scooter boys. Bali. 30.12.11.DG100347. Bakso selller. Bali. 30.12.11.