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Created 1-Aug-12
Modified 18-Jul-20
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Here's the start of a gallery showing how London's railways are coping with the Olympics (very well indeed)...

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DG119119. Olympic Ambassador. Kings Cross. 1.8.12.DG119125. No queues here. St Pancras. 1.8.12.DG119128. Quiet Javelin entrance. St Pancras. 1.8.12.DG119137. People. St Pancras. 1.8.12.DG119141. EMT platforms. St Pancras. 1.8.12.DG119145. Info desk on tube at Kings Cross St Pancras. 1.8.12.DG119150. Ticket office. Kings Cross. 1.8.12.DG119156. Eastbound Met line. Kings Cross St Pancras. 1.8.12.DG119157. Spare seats on the Met to Liverpool St. 1.8.12.DG119164. Dog handlers. Liverpool St. 1.8.12.DG119166. Crowds. Liverpool St. 1.8.12.DG119172. Crowds. Liverpool St. 1.8.12.DG119177. 66138. Stratford. 1.8.12.DG119192. Olympic crowds. Stratford station. 1.8.12.DG119214. Crowds. Stratford. 1.8.12.DG119231. Interesting discussion. Stratford. 1.8.12.DG119245. Crowds. Stratford. 1.8.12.DG119261. Crowds. Stratford. 1.8.12.DG119281. 315828. 90008. Liverpool St. 1.8.12.DG119285. 315828. Liverpool St. 1.8.12.