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Here's a gallery that will be dedicated to the former BR designed & built Mk1 EMU fleet that ran on former Southern Metals for so many years. I'll also include the former BR 25kv EMU fleet in this.

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DG00068. 3559. Clapham Jn. 25.2.04.DG00074. 1881. Waterloo. 25.2.04.DG00077. 1311. 14.08 to Portsmouth Harbour. Waterloo. 25.2.04.DG00078. 1315. Waterloo. 25.2.04.DG00216. 1399. Waterloo.  20.3.04.DG00598. 3470. Woking. 22.4.04.DG00887. 1410. South Croydon. 16.5.04.DG00888. 1846. South Croydon. 16.5.04.DG00891. 1845. South Croydon. 16.5.04.DG00895. 3919. South Croydon. 16.5.04.DG00896. 1856. South Croydon. 16.5.04.DG00897. 1908. South Croydon. 16.5.04.DG00902. 3403. South Croydon. 16.5.04.DG00903. 3915. South Croydon. 16.5.04.DG00905. 3501. South Croydon. 16.5.04.DG01059. 3401. 450025. Waterloo. 24.5.04.DG01475. Saloon of 70940. 22.7.04.DG01476. Saloon of 70940. 22.7.04.DG01477. Saloon of 70940. 22.7.04.DG01478. Saloon of 70940. 22.7.04.