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DG295562. Fields above Sowerby Bridge. West Yorkshire. 6.5.18DG295563. Fields above Sowerby Bridge. West Yorkshire. 6.5.18DG295561. Red eared Terrapin. Calder and Hebble Navigation. Copley. West Yorkshire. 6.5.18T11459. Statue of William of orange, whoo landed here in 1688. Brixham. Devon. England. 29.07.2001T11450. Lobsterpots on the harbour. Brixham. Devon. England. 29.07.2001T11465. View of the harbour and town. Brixham. Devon. England. 29.07.2001T10756. Rock Pipit (Anthus Petrosus). Clevedon. Somerset. England. 01.04T10544. The Walker art gallery. Liverpool. England. 12.03T10786. Punting on the river Cam. Cambridge. England. 30.04T10761.End of the pier. Clevdon. Somerset. England. 01.04T10540. The Cunard building at the pier head. Liverpool. England. 12.03T11446. Replica of Captain Drake's ship the 'Golden Hind'. Brixham. Devon. England. 29.07.2001T10538. The arch in Chinatown. Liverpool. England. 12.03T10374. Alexandra Palace. London. England. 29.12.2000T10335. Looking along the Thames to the city. Greenwich. London. England. 15.12.2000T10334. Royal naval college and Canary wharf. Greenwich. London. England. 15.12.2000T10305. Harrods lit up at night. London. England. 13.12.2000T10351. Walking in the snow. Bayford. Hertfordshire. England. 29.12.2000T10314. Christmas fairground in the Square. Leicester Square. London. England. 13.12.2000T11465. View of the harbour and town. Brixham. Devon. England. 29.07.2001