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T11616. Interior. Peleponnese station. Athens. 11.9.01.T11612. Priest. Peleponnese station. Athens. 11.9.01. T11612.T11611. Catching the train. Peleponnese station. Athens. 21.9.01.R11268. Interior of a line 1 metro car. Athens. Greece. October 2003IT11614. Interior. Peleponnese station. Athens. 11.9.01.FR11154.  New Metro line 3. Monastiraki. Athens. Greece. October 2003FR11153.  New Metro line 3. Monastiraki. Athens. Greece. October 2003FR11107. Artifacts recovered during the building of the metro station put on display. Syntagma Sq. Athens Greece. October 2003FR1168. MG Bo-Bo No 9406 shunting at Peleponnese station. Oct 2003.FR1161. Athens new tram line. Oct 2003FR1158. Athens new tram line. Oct 2003FR1157. Athens new tram line. Oct 2003FR1150. Extending the railway out to the Airport, at the airport. Athens. Greece. October 2003FR0690. 6526. Peleponnese station.  Athens. 21.9.01.FDG05994. Looks familar. Route map on the metro. Athens. Greece. 17.6.07.FDG05991. Crowded tram. Athens. Greece. 17.6.07.FDG05990. TA10022. Athens. Greece. 15.6.07.FDG05983. Syntagma Square station. Athens. Greece. 15.6.07.FDG05982. Egaleo station. Athens. Greece. 15.6.07.FDG05976. Egaleo station. Athens. Greece. 15.6.07.