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DG271622. Pax. Leeds. 08.6.17DG271613. A byegone era. Bolton. 2.6.17DG271610. A byegone era. Bolton. 2.6.17DG271609. A byegone era. Bolton. 2.6.17DG271604. New WH Smiths on the station. Bolton. 2.6.17DG271512. Twig cafe. Glossop station. 2.6.17DG271342. Refurbishing the station roof. Carlisle. 1.6.17DG271341. Refurbishing the station roof. Carlisle. 1.6.17DG271338. 301 mile pub. Carlisle. 1.6.17DG271337. 301 mile pub. Carlisle. 1.6.17DG271334. 301 mile pub. Carlisle. 1.6.17DG270432. New station bar. Doncaster. 18.5.17DG270431. New station bar. Doncaster. 18.5.17DG270351. Goxhill station. 18.5.17DG270349. Goxhill station. 18.5.17DG270337. Ticket office. Grimsby Town. 18.5.17DG270336. Cycle Hub. Grimsby Town. 18.5.17DG270335. Station entrance. Grimsby Town. 18.5.17DG270334. Cycle Hub. Grimsby Town. 18.5.17DG270306. Station building. Grimsby Town. 18.5.17