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Here's a gallery of pictures from ACoRP's Community Rail awards 2016 which was held in Southport on Thursday.

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DG256887. CR awards. The venue - the Floral Hall. Southport. 29.9.16DG256901. CR awards. The venue - the Floral Hall. Southport. 29.9.16DG256947. CR awards. Rail Minister, Paul Maynard delivers his speech. Southport. 29.9.16DG256980. Trans Wilts designation. at AcoRP awards. Southport. 29.9.16DG257017. CR awards. Playing heads and tails. Southport. 29.9.16DG257047. CR awards. Playing heads and tails with Richard Salkeld. Southport. 29.9.16DG257186. CR Lancs Rose Grove revived. Southport. 29.9.16DG257210. FIRST. Severn Dee Travel, Derweb college and Gobowen for Gobowen station work experience cafe. Southport. 29.9.16DG257230. CR awards. Edenbridge Town station underpass Art project.  Southport. 29.9.16DG257250. CR awards. A song for the Tamar valley line.  Southport. 29.9.16DG257288. CR awards. Gold for Hindley station in the 'It's your station' category.  Southport. 29.9.16DG257324. FIRST Most enhanced station buidling. Severnside CRPDG257346. FIRST. Small projects. Friends of Buxton station. Southport. 29.9.16DG257372. CR awards. FIRST. Photography competition. Geoff Mitchell. Southport. 29.9.16DG257391. CR awards. FIRST. A day in the life of Bentham. Southport. 29.9.16DG257430. CR awards. FIRST. Best marketing campaign. Southport. 29.9.16DG257465. CR awards. Outstanding volunteer. Mike Fitzgerald. Kent CRP. Southport. 29.9.16DG257499. CR awards. Outstanding teamwork. Southport. 29.9.16DG257525. CR awards. Passengers matter. Great Western Railway. Southport. 29.9.16