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DG49287. Tram 2533. East Croydon. 21.4.10.DG49289. Tram 2535. East Croydon. 21.4.10DG49290. Tram 2535. East Croydon. 21.4.10.DG49292. Tram 2535. East Croydon. 21.4.10DG49294. Tram 2551. East Croydon. 21.4.10DG49309. Tram 2546. Church St Croydon. 21.4.10.DG49311. Tram 2546. Church St. Croydon. 21.4.10.DG49312. Tram 2546. Church St. Croydon. 21.4.10.DG49315. Tram 2532. Ampere Way. 21.4.10.DG49317. Ampere Way. 21.4.10.DG49321. Tram 2547. Ampere Way. 21.4.10.DG49322. Tram 2534. Therapia Lane. 21.4.10.DG49326. Tram 2542. Therapia Lane. 21.4.10.DG68166. Tram 2538. Beckenham Junction. 10.11.10.DG68169. Tram 2544. Beckenham Junction. 10.11.10.DG68170. Tram 2544. Beckenham Junction. 10.11.10.DG192835.Tram 2546. Elmers End. 10.9.14.DG192859. Tram 2548. Sandilands. Croydon. 10.9.14.DG192863. Tram 2559. Sandilands. Croydon. 10.9.14.DG192866. Tram 2538. Sandilands. Croydon. 10.9.14.

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Mike S(non-registered)
It's been that long since I visited Croydon I didn't even know they had this colour scheme on the trams - all my photos show the red and cream livery
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