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DG274605. memorial to the bomb victims. Manchester Victoria. 18.6.17DG272755. Plaque. Crewe. 15.6.17DG271230. Nameplate. 91117. 1.6.17DG270491. Hs2 protest. Euston. 22.5.17DG270477. Nameplate. 390112. 22.5.17DG270408. Plaque. Barton-on-Humber. 18.5.17DG270394. Warning. Barrow Road Crossing. New Holland. Lincs. 18.5.17DG270392. Warning, but the locos are long gone. Barrow Road Crossing. New Holland. Lincs. 18.5.17DG270177. Nameplate. 43165. 17.5.17DG268737. Nameplate. 91102. Kings Cross. 14.4.17DG261981. Remembering the graveyard. Manchester Victoria. 11.12.16DG260243. PV info screen. Blackfriars. 24.11.16DG260239. PV info screen. Blackfriars. 24.11.16DG259315. Nameplate 390154. 20.10.16DG258093. Plaque. Liverpool Lime St. 6.10.16DG255769. TOC coach info boards. Doncaster. 20.9.16DG255755. Nameplate. 153376. Doncaster. 20.9.16DG255671. MR sign. Lowdham. 20.9.16DG254994. Community group notice board. Lancaster. 10.9.16DG254993. Plaque to Locke. Lancaster. 10.9.16