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A gallery dedicated to the rail systems of Singapore - old and new.

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FR1108. Admiralty MRT. Singapore. 9.9.03.FR1111. Admiralty MTR station. Singapore. 9.9.03.FR1112. Admiralty MRT. Singapore. 9.9.03.FR1114. Cho Chu Kang MRT. Singapore. 9.9.03.FR1116. LRT No 106. Choa Chu Kang MRT. Singapore. 9.9.03.FR1121. Bukit Panjang. LRT. Singapore. 9.9.03.FR1124. LRT 106. Bukit Panjang LRT. Singapore. 9.9.03.FR1126. LRT 106. Bukit Panjang LRT. Singapore. 9.9.03.FR1127. Older stock. E -W MRT. Singapore. 9.9.03.FR1128. Interior. Old stock. E-W route. MRT. Singapore. 9.9.07.FR1129. Dover MRT. Singapore. 9.9.03.FR1131. Dover MRT. Singapore. 9.9.03.FR1132. Dover MRT station. Singapore. 9.9.03.FR1135. Outram Park MRT. Singapore. 9.9.03.FR1136. New stock interior. MRT. Singapore. 9.9.03.FR1139. Chinatown MRT. Singapore. 9.9.03.FR1140. Harbour Front MRT. Singapore. 9.9.03.