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DG295339. Loco No 4. Prince Regent. Crossrail. London. 3.5.18DG294355. Trackwork. Guildford. 3.4.18DG289514.  Horsfall viaduct. 15.2.18DG288615. Poor track geometary due to a wet bed. Hampstead Heath. 29.1.18DG288477. OLE. Twyford. 16.1.18DG288469. Platform extension. Twyford. 16.1.18DG288290. New Thameslink and SET platforms 4 and 3. London Bridge. London. 3.1.18DG288264. Relaid approaches. London Bridge. London. 3.1.18DG288183. Rebuilt platforms 1 and 2. London Bridge. London. 3.1.18DG287257. Station roof. Manchester Victoria. 24.11.17DG287242. Roof structure. Manchester Piccadilly. 24.11.17DG287238. Sunlight on the tracks and overheads. Crewe. 24.11.17DG287235. Sunlight on the tracks. Crewe. 24.11.17DG286701. Sunlight on the tracks. Crewe. 23.11.17DG286689. Sunlight on the tracks. Crewe. 23.11.17DG286546. London Bridge station. London. 13.11.17DG286542. London Bridge station. London. 13.11.17DG285773. New OLE advances towards Bolton. Salford Central. 6.11.17DG285770. New OLE advances towards Bolton. Salford Central. 6.11.17DG285416. New platforms under construction. Liverpool Lime St. 23.10.17