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Over the years the railways have retained a fascinating collection of old vehicles for departmental and internal use. These have included locomotives, MU's and a complete mixture of old carriages and wagons - some going back to before the Grouping in 1923.

Sadly their use has declined in the past couple of decades but here's a look at some of them over the years.

My apologies for the quality (or rather, lack) of one or two of the images but I've included them for historical value seeing as most of these vehicles have disappeared.

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P01587. ADS227. March. 17.2.89.P1417. ZDW105353. Wolverton. 2.10.88.P1415. 024464. Wolverton. 2.10.88.P1279. ADM40321. Bescot. 9.10.88.P-1632. 024. Selhurst. 5.3.89.DG270280. 64664. Doncaster. 18.5.17DG270276. 64707. Doncaster. 18.5.17DG232930. 024787. Eastcroft depot. Nottingham. 28.10.15.DG232927. 024787. Eastcroft depot. Nottingham. 28.10.15.DG210036. 024780. Watford Jn. 5.4.15DG210035. 024780. Watford Jn. 5.4.15DG210032. 024780. Watford Jn. 5.4.15DG180597. ADB965206. York. 1.6.14.DG168617. 6399. Neville Hill. Leeds. 21.1.14.DG152500. 042180. Neville Hill depot. Leeds. 1.7.13.DG152498. 6392. Neville Hill depot. Leeds. 1.7.13.DG152492. 042180. 042181. Neville Hill depot. Leeds. 1.7.13.DG32639. Former EMU. Derby Etches Park. 10.9.09.DG32563. Former EMU. Derby Etches Park. 10.9.09.DG13280. 024482. Willesden TMD. 10.11.07.