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Here's a selection of archive shots from Malaysia. The system looks very different nowadays!

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FR0149. Semaphores. Ipoh. Malaysia. 15.5.92.FR0148. 22134. Jungle railway. Malaysia. 13.5.92.FR0150. Ipoh signalbox. Malaysia. 15.5.92.FR0151. EE shunter. Ipoh. Malaysia. 15.5.92.FR0152. 23106. Malaysia. 15.5.92.FR0153. 22114. Malaysia. 15.5.92.FR0157. 23101. Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia. 8.5.92.FR0158. 25106. Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia. 8.5.92.FR0159. 24116. Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia. 8.5.92.FR0160. 25103. Kuala Lumpur shed. Malaysia. 8.5.92.FR0162. 24115. Kuala Lumpur shed. Malaysia. 8.5.92.FR0359. 21111. Melaka. Malaysia. 14.7.98.FR0352. 19107. Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia. 5.7.98.T03528. Kuala Lumpur station. Malaysia. May 1992.T03591. 25106. 22121. Kuala Lumpur station. 8.5.92.FR0154. 18107. Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia. 8.5.92.